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EYEE Funding

From the start of the term after a child’s 3rd birthday, every child is eligible for Early Years Education Entitlement funding. This funding can be used to help with the cost of childcare. You can claim up to 15 hours per week, term time only, 38 weeks per year equating to 570 hours.

Some families can apply through the childcare choices website for an extended 15 hours of funding. These families receive 30 hours per week, term time only, 38 weeks per year equating to 1040 hours.

There is some 2 year old funding available, please use the childcare choices website to check if your child could be eligible.

We are open 52 weeks a year (except weekends and public holidays), you may spread your funding entitlement for this whole period lowering your fees, we have limited availability for term-time only spaces within the 3-5 year age group.

Once children are receiving the universal or extended funding hours we have limited availability for fully-funded spaces; these are booked on a term-to-term basis and your child’s space will only be guaranteed until the end of the next term. Unfortunately the funding does not cover consumables, such as specialist art resources, trips, staff training e.g. first aid, food, water, heating, lighting, the list goes on! The vast majority of our parents contribute to their child’s care and education by paying the Integrated Care Package. Please contact us if you would like further information.

We will need proof of your child’s identity, a passport or birth certificate which we will copy for you to validate the claim. For the extended funding it is your responsibility to apply for this and to renew your code as directed by HMRC three times per year.